The Travelling Camera Project

by Thomas Kadar

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A Family Documentary

This project is about a camera that travels around the world documenting families in their environment. Each family takes a self-portrait and shares the image on this blog. Afterwards they decide about the future travel of the camera by handing it on to a family of their choosing.

Find out more about The Travelling Camera Project in the instruction the families get with the camera:
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Follow the journey of the camera:

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Eric, Maia & Christian

Die Kamera war auf dem Postweg nach Singapur verschollen, bis sie wieder ihren Absendern Paul, Rike und Florian zugestellt wurde. Jetzt hat es die Kamera über Umwege nach Berlin geschafft, danke Rike für die Hilfe!

The camera disappeared on its way to Singapur until the parcel returned to Paul, Rike and Florian. On this long detour the camera finally made it to Berlin. Thanks Rike for your help!

Gourmet WG | Eric, Maia und Christian | housemates

Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany