The Travelling Camera Project

by Thomas Kadar

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The Michael Family

Falkensee, Germany

Amely, Gordon, Iris, Fabiola
Lukas, Gina

Wir sind eine Patchwork-Familie mit folgenden Zusammenhängen: Fabiola ist die Tochter von Iris, Gina und Amely sind die Kinder von Gordon, und Lukas ist der Sohn von Iris und Gordon.

Wir wünschen der Kamera eine gute Reise.

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After long preparations the camera is finally set up. The first image is taken in Herzogenaurach, Germany, showing my own family. On Saturday April 13, 2013 the camera was handed on to Roux family. The journey may begin!

For helping to realise my project many thanks for the translations to Alexander Allousch, Amy Lam, Christian Roux, Juan Antonio Garrido Háuad and Laurence Hendry.

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A Family Documentary

This project is about a camera that travels around the world documenting families in their environment. Each family takes a self-portrait and shares the image on this blog. Afterwards they decide about the future travel of the camera by handing it on to a family of their choosing.

Find out more about The Travelling Camera Project in the instruction the families get with the camera:
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